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When will it end?

How many more damn games are there?

Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators
it’s just not the same

The Kings are still not 100% officially dead for the remainder of the 2017 season. It is much in the same way that I am not 100% guaranteed to never play center in the NBA. You never know! Things can change! But they won’t, and the Kings making the post-season and I joining the Milwaukee Bucks to dunk on fools is not happening.

Yet, there is still hockey to be played. Why? A scheduling error most likely. Though this point in the year becomes for a third of the league a tryout period for a lot of younger players. Some of these players certainly should have been on their team’s roster earlier in the season when they could have made more of an impact for a longer portion of time.

To that we say, “No fucking shit what the hell were you waiting for?” Really glad we got to see Devin Setoguchi for half the damn year though.

Anywho, the Kings continue their trend of skewing younger and called up Johnny Brodzinski. He joins Adrian Kempe, who joined Paul LaDue, who joined Kevin Gravel in the long parade of new Kings from Ontario, California. Brodzinski had been the leading scorer in the AHL for the Reign, so you really gotta wonder what the hell the Kings were waiting on seeing as they have been averaging something like 1.5 goals a game this year.

Brodzinski was currently lined up alongside Kempe and Nic Dowd. The thought of that line gave me incredible rigidness in my pee-pee parts. The rest of the lineup is the same concoction we’ve been seeing all this year with the exception of Jarome Iginla still inexplicably being on the top line despite the fact he is on a respirator and can’t play defense whatsoever.

If the BAD line (work in progress) does wind up being a line, that will do wonder for the Kings’ depth, especially if they can score some goals. Please for the love of god, score. Will Michael Mersch be up soon as well? Meh, who cares.

Prediction: Kings still can’t score and we never see Brodzinski again.