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I don’t care anymore

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Nashville Predators v Montreal Canadiens
this isn’t right
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Because I want the new Legend of Zelda game.

I’ve played a lot of those games growing up. I played A Link to the Past at a friend’s house back when I was single digit aged person on the ol SNES. Ocarina of Time sorta shaped the childhood after that. I didn’t have a chance to play the handheld ones as much, but Nintendo pretty much kept my brand loyalty based of that franchise alone. Sure, Mario World/Galaxy/Soul-Crushing-Weight-of-the-Universe, Mario Kart, and the Metroid series kept my interest. Just not as much as that stupid rudimentary series of Zelda.

Here’s my list (based on the ones I have played) of superiority:

  1. Ocarina of Time
  2. A Link to the Past
  3. Skyward Sword
  4. Wind Waker
  5. The Minish Cap
  6. Link’s Awakening
  7. Twilight Princess
  8. The Legend of Zelda (OG)
  9. The Oracle of Seasons/Ages
  10. The Adventures of Link

I haven’t played the newer handheld ones, or the newest title.

Something something hockey something Kings something something.

Prediction: I get the new game and play it for 40 hours straight.