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Reasons to not fuck this up, guys

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Eat shit, Hawks.
  • Everyone in the west except Randy Carlyle (RANDY!) & the Ducks are FUCKING UP BADLY.
  • Who cares about the east?
  • Did I mention that both the Wild AND the Blackhawks are down 3-0?
  • The Hawks are facing elimination.
  • The Minnesota Wild are also facing elimination.
  • Nobody is getting any younger, that’s for sure.
  • Todd McLellan didn’t turn into a brilliant strategist, fuckos, the Sharks just can’t score for shit.
  • It is infinitely easier to make a Cup run if everyone around you is fucking up.
  • If the path to the Cup goes through St. Louis & Nashville, that’s something the Sharks have a slight bit of experience handling.
  • Oh yeah, Jonathan Toews and his generational talent have led his team to an 0-3 hole and a total of 2 goals scored in those games.
  • I would vastly prefer if at least one external thing in my life that I don’t control actually executed and made me happy.
  • Some of the worst fanbases in the west are unhappy.


Oilers @ Sharks

7:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: Todd McLellan fucks up, but can the fuckups on the other side of the ice take advantage of the fuckup? What the fuck is UP with this shit?