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Time to die

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NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Calgary Flames
every picture I could find of Trevor Lewis has him falling over
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Who the fuck let this happen? I don’t mean this awful season of hockey, nor do I mean this awful fat fuck we have in the White House. I mean who let this game happen?

The Kings as of writing this have slight pulse left to their year, but are Terry Schiavo at this point. It’s time to take them off life support. But this is like showing up at 4 AM on a Tuesday morning, slamming a birthday cake in their face, and then pulling the plug. 7:30 on a god damn Sunday?

I have talked numerous times about when is the proper time for sporting events, and specifically hockey. But there is one reoccurring trend: Sunday night is not for hockey.

Instead tonight we get treated to the god damn Arizona Coyotes at 7:30. I cannot think of a god awful worse situation than this. And the Kings will likely either be eliminated right beforehand or get knocked out by that shit head Shane Doan. I do not blame you for skipping this game. I am.

Prediction: No, I told you I was skipping this game.