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Western Conference Finals Preview

Ducks v Preds: Let's Do This!

Jeb trashes his brother, Billy Bob's, home
John Russell/Getty Images

As they say, "the 'fif' time's the charm"! The Anaheim Ducks are on their way to the Western Conference Finals for the 2nd time in 2 years after breaking the "Game 7 Curse" and defeating the Deadmonton Oilers in Round 2! The one thing I took from these past couple of rounds is the assumption that in order to be a resident of Alberta, one must vow to think that the NHL is rigged, and one must always blame the refs. Either way, suck it, Oilers!

The focus now shifts to the conference finals match-up with Game 1 starting tonight in Anaheim, which will be a repeat of last years first round, and the second leg of what I have previously dubbed, "The Eyesore Series". The opponent: the Trashville Predators. Paint It Orange versus whatever the fuck those hicks call using their piss-yellow jerseys and stupid chants accompanied with banjos.

Anaheim have exorcised their one big demon, and now, they'll have a chance to do it again against the team who have bested them in two prior post season matchups. The two teams have a similar style of play, and it will be the hardest test for Anaheim yet. Should be long as I don't have the sound on when they're playing in Trashville.

Go Ducks!

Prediction: Preds fans get the chance to smash up a car in front of Bridgestone Arena which ends up being one of those poor bastard's home.