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de plane de plane!

Hey idiots! I guess this website is still up and running. Well, up at least. Anyway, hockey season is regrettably closing in on us yet again. So here’s the deal, dweebs:

Fantasy hockey!

We’ve done it before but I am setting it up so now it will be worse. You can yell at me but I won’t listen to you, so go for it. If you want to join, say so in the comments. We will do a draft either this weekend or sometime next week. When does hockey actually start? No one knows anymore.

I put the call out on twitter as well. Shockingly a few of you imbeciles want to play. How fucking sad is that? I’ll get around to sending invites later today and tomorrow and whenever.

I’m trying to set this league up where it can be as easily forgotten about as possible. Naturally, this will all go terribly.