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We all love nothing more than keeping up to speed with the play and results of our favourite teams. Sports fans are never happier than when cheering their side to victory. There are several ways to do that, thanks to technology, and it means the chances of you having to miss your team in action is slim. The age of you having to miss your side battling for victory due to work or family commitments are fading fast.

From getting your hands on a ticket to watch the game live at the stadium to tracking the action on your smartphone on one of the best online betting apps, you have options, maybe more than you expected. We hate to see sports fans missing out and have put together this guide on the different ways you can watch your team play. Below you’ll find details of the three most popular options when it comes to watching the NHL this season.

You can stick to your favourite or mix and match from the available viewing options to ensure you have all bases covered. The more work you put in at the planning stage, the easier it will be to keep up with the hectic NHL schedule. A little effort and understanding of what is available to you will allow you to concentrate on enjoying the match without interference once the play is underway.


Best-case scenario

The best-case scenario for any follower of professional ice hockey and the NHL is to bag a ticket to the venue and watch the play live, side by side with fellow supporters. Getting as close to the ice as possible, soaking up the atmosphere and sharing in your team’s victory is about as good as it gets for hockey fans. Tickets aren’t always easy to come by, especially for the biggest matches of the season, and you’ll often find ticket prices to be expensive. Critics of the pricing system for NHL matches say genuine fans have been priced out of attending games with tickets being overly expensive or reserved for corporate.

If you do intend on following your team and enjoying a match at the venue, soaking up the passion and tension of the crowd, you should be careful when purchasing tickets. The best place to start your search is at the official website of your chosen team or through the NHL site. Never buy tickets from an unknown source or person outside of the stadium.

Enjoy home comforts

If you can’t get to the ice, the next best option is watching the game live on TV from a sports bar or the comfort of your home. Get comfortable, put the game on your television and enjoy the show. It’s not quite as real as buying a ticket and sitting in the crowd, but the TV cameras give you a much better view of how the game is being played, getting you up close to the puck, the players and the coaching staff.

Some of the most obvious benefits of watching the match at home are the improved view, pre-match and post-match interviews with players and backroom staff, analysis of the result, live scores from elsewhere on the night and instant replays. No restricted view by those in the crowd moving around and, if your team is playing terribly, you can always switch the channel over and watch something else.

Live streaming

The most modern way to watch the NHL is through a live stream on your smartphone or tablet device. This option is often free to view if done through a sportsbook, and it means you can watch the big match live from anywhere. All you need is a reliable Wi-Fi connection, and you can watch hockey at work, on public transport, when out for a meal, anytime and anywhere. You are in complete control of your viewing. It’s the way watching live sport was meant to be - done at your convenience.

With a live streaming app downloaded to your smartphone, you can log on to your account just before the advertised start time and watch the play. It’s HD quality with no interruptions for loading or buffering. The coverage is every bit as good as you’d expect to find at a major TV station.

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