Building a Starting six with NFL Draft Prospects

So I was sitting around reading scouting reports on my favorite NFL Draft site while watching old NHL coverage and I thought it would be fun to build a team out of college players going pro. I was thinking maybe an ultra athletic lineman as a goalie. Quick receivers or running backs as forward. Obviously linebackers or defensive ends as our enforcing defenders. And possibly a quarterback to lead the team and play center. So lets get to it.

Center- Tyson Bagent

Bagent is a Division 2 star and i chose him because you have to be tough to last in the NFL. HE has had to fight for every inch and to be drafted from D2 means he has heart and real skills. He can access the opposing defense and find open forwards while leading the league in assists.

Left Wing- Jalin Hyatt

Hyatt would be the fastest one on the ice and always looking for the pass from the general on the ice. The zamboni operator would hate having to clean up his skate marks as he would use his speed and agility to circle defenders with ease. Bagent to Hyatt Goal.

Right Wing- Luke Musgrave

I decided to go with a tight end here. We need his vision and ability to take in a pass but he has the size to gaurd the net and block the goalies vision. Musgrave is bigger than most and should lead the league in rebound goals. So far we have the best front three in the NHL.

Defender- Hunter Luepke

Another D2 stud. I just love tough nosed players who truly enjoy the game. Luepke is a jack of all trades. He can block, hit, run, and catch, Making him a great offense defender who can also lay big hits and enforce for his team. I would expect him to quickly become the fan favorite and the heart of the team. Nicklas Lindstrom would be a fan of this pick.

Defender- Anton Harrison

The Oklahoma Sooners LT was my original pick to man the net, but after consideration I decided he is quick enough to play defense. I don't see him as a scorer in the system but more as a big body to help eat up space in front of the net. Harrison plays a bit timid, but he is a technician with his hands. I have to assume he would be a magician with the hockey stick. At this point I'm very confident our starting line could compete with the best.

Goalie- Mazi Smith

Mazi Smith is an absolute freak and Bruce Feldman of the Athletic agrees. Hence he made the freaks list.

Feldman has this to say about him:

"Smith does 22 reps on the bench press, but that's with 325 (not 225). He close-grip benched 550 pounds. He vertical-jumps 33 inches. He broad-jumped 9-4 1/2. Smith, who had 37 tackles last season, has clocked a 4.41 shuttle time"

He may take time to adjust to the game. However, he is used to stopping running backs at full speed and using his hands to bring them in. Obviously the puck is smaller but he has all the athletic ability to get up to par quickly. Soon to be known as Dominick "Mazi" Hasek.

Honorable mention- Isaiah McGuire and Kenny McIntosh.

Who would you change or add to the list. Remember 2023 Draft hopefuls only. Also each player has a link to their athletic profile to help defend my case.

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