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I guess I'm not sleeping well at nights. BOC Complaint Line: (641) 715-3900, Ext: 797233.

Ducks Gameday: lol butts

Buy me some of this.

Ducks Gameday: Booze

Those other two idiots are wrong.

Ducks Gameday: We're Going to Lose Again

Toronto is terrible but it doesn't matter.

Ducks Gameday: Checking in on the Canadiens

How are Montreal fans feeling these days?

Ducks Gameday: Saving the boring game for a Sunday

Winnipeg, huh? Welp, see you later.

Ducks Gameday: Boston's Finest

Celebrating Ben Affleck

Ducks Gameday: Update on New Comment Policy

I wasn't wrong, I listened.

Ducks Gameday: New Comment Policy

the letter M is too wide.

Ducks Gameday: French-Canadians are bad at cursing.

And they're not French.

Ducks Gameday: Chicago 7 Quotes

Avoid all needle drugs, the only dope worth shooting is Patrick Kane. Ducks @ Blackhawks.