What happens if Californians pass two sports more initiatives?


The battle over sports betting in California — a massive prize for the U.S. gaming industry — is already starting to turn ugly. How to watch NFR Live Stream 2022 Online. The Cowboy Channel will broadcast full 10-day performances live and simulcast on RFD-TV. In 2022, The Cowboy Channel (TCC).

NHL free agency 2022: Every team’s toughest decision, from Copp to Gaudreau to Malkin


The NHL offseason is upon us, and with it, there are tough decisions to be made.

The league’s salary cap is set to increase next season for the first time in three years — but only by $1 million. So plenty of cap-strapped teams are currently assessing their rosters, determining who can be brought back and who must be replaced.

The first domino already fell in Minnesota, with 85-point scorer and restricted free agent Kevin Fiala being traded by general manager Bill Guerin to the Kings on Wednesday for a first-round pick and prospect Brock Faber. more: World Juniors Hockey Stream

Donald Trump Campaign Slogans


Donald Trump Campaign Slogans "We Shall OverComb" "No Amigos" "Comb Over To The Dark Side" "Don't Be A Chump, Vote For Trump" "Stump For Trump" "Democrats, You're Fired!" "America First" "This country needs the D" "Everybody Needs to Comb Down" "Make America White Again" "Keep Calm and Vote for Trump" "Trump on the Bandwagon" "Not My Celebrity" "Trump Speaks for U.S." "Trump Digs Coal" "Build That Wall" "Drain The Swamp" "Make America Safe Again" Anti-Trump Campaign Slogans "Not My President" "Stumped By Trump" "Anyone But Trump" "Trump Es Un Pendejo" "Make Donald Drumpf Again" "You Can't CombOver Racism" "Never Trump" "Dump Trump" "Derail Trump" Daincrease

LinkShot: Crap -- the Ducks regular season starts today.


Hey that George guy did something again, but on his own damn blog this time.

stick phil


I made this cause i miss hockey and i love you all dearly

A Hockey Life Full of Turns in the Minors


Here's a great article about the San Jose Barracuda's coach.

LEAKED: Kings 2017-2018 Adidas jersey


The Kings new jersey design incorporates Adidas' trademark striped pattern. Fans may be shocked by prominence of it, but Kings players have no problem in black and white stripes. (Original uniform image courtesy

Now That The Jets Are Out, Other Fanbases Can Hate Us Again


Really goes to show you how insufferable Jets fans are that so many folks were looking for Anaheim to shut them down last night. via /u/richtova on reddit.

VIDEO: Who's Your Captain


Still funny, three days later.