FanShot: LA Kings Still Trying To Murder Hertl


In an attempt to finish off what Dustin Brown's dirty knee-on-knee hit failed to do last season, Doughty tried to murder Tomas Hertl in tonight's Sharks @ Kings game.

FanShot: Brand New SleekToon!


Battle of California alumnus Earl Sleek and current Battle of California Sharks blogger Stace are wrting for The Royal Half's weekly "Pacific War Room" series, and the first week is up now, click here (it features the above new Earl Sleek cartoon)!

Even the Baseball World Hates Steve Simmons


We've talked before about what an idiot Steve Simmons is, but this pair of tweets captured by @petbugs13 shows that even people outside of the hockey world can't stand him. Here's Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista politely telling Simmons to fuck off.

LinkShot: Stace Continues Her Feud With Mike Modano


As most of you are aware, when we hired Stace to replace ol' whats-his-name as our Sharks blogger, we poached her from The Canafornians (a blog surprisingly similar to ours, yet our lawyers have dissapointedly admitted disctinct just enough).

Stace still occassionally writes over there, and her latest piece is all about what happened when she got a little too Canadian with American Hero Mike Modano. You can check that out here.

This is not the first time she's had a run-in with Modano, as this is part-two in the series. Her first attempt to terrorize Modano actually resulted in him temporarily disabling his account, and you can read all about that here.

Achievement Unlocked!


Because we will never tire of hearing about Joe Thornton's cock.

What has NHL 15 done?


This is absolutely terrifying.

Yahoo! users being fed misinformation by evil SBNation bloggers.


Shameful, Yahoo.

America's Best Burrito


The final four of BOC's favorite food log. "Early this year, FiveThirtyEight evaluated 67,391 burrito-selling establishments, huddled with food experts and selected 64 of the nation’s finest burritos to compete in the search for America’s best burrito. Since then, this burrito correspondent has traveled more than 20,000 miles around the United States and eaten 84 burritos in two rounds (to say nothing of the dozens of extracurricular burritos I polished off)."

Lindholm is Dope as Snuff


I know you guys can't read all that well and are basically nothing more than a glorified Shark's pity blog (according to Jer's analysis), but I wrote something to post on every right-wing radicals favorite Ducks blog "Klan-a-heim Kalling." They are all self-important and sophisti-micated to understand it, but I thought I'd share the wealth in the soup kitchen. Warning, there is a bit of fancy stat, numbers and math in there so don't be surprised if your brains shut down to avoid overload you simpletons.... I'll combat this with a cartoon at some point to make up for the "learning" that this may cause.