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The best posts from the best blog on the internet.

Fire Raffi Torres into the sun, twice

A call for VC funding to launch hockey player and shithead Raffi Torres into the sun twice. Humankind will gain vast knowledge if we successfully complete this venture, and we will have launched Raffi Torres into the sun two times.

If I Did It

One cool dude does whatever he likes

Open Letter to Gary Buttman, Destroyer of Dreams

The NHL recently destroyed a dream of mine, and I will not stand for this injustice

Ducks Gameday: Teemu Doesn't Care About Winnipeg

He left and never looked back, and Winnipeg needs to accept this. Round 1, Game 3.

Stace is Getting Married

BoC's current Sharks blogger is getting hitched. And Jer and Dunn have some great advice, because they're experts with this sorta thing

BoC Gameday: Drink Irresponsibly

Spend this festival in the most mature manner...Binge drinking!

Sharks Gameday: 1 of the Wild's 82 indoor games

Wild hockey / you make my farts stink / they play eveeeeery game / indoors

More Teemu Bombshells

Teemu Selanne...Biggest Duck hater of all time?

Wild Would Like You To Know I Made A Huge Mistake

Yesterday's article wasn't a trick. It was an illusion!

Koivu Announces Retirement

One of the NHL's greats hangs up his cleats.

Vlasic shocks universe with first tweet

One tweet to rule them all, one tweet to find them, one tweet to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

One Last Note

Hey look, the Kings won

A Bet is Paid Off

And it's pretty gross.

Las Aventuras de Alec, Dos

Nobel Prize for literature, please

World Shocked to Learn Just How Awful LAK Fans Are

A couple of the few LA Kings fans who are actually literate are asked to write something for Puck Daddy, hilarity ensues. Kings @ Ducks, Game Two.

#BANG: An Interview with the Glass-Banging Guy

I chat with with Nick Moroch, the guy who used to bang on the glass at every Dallas Stars home game. Stars @ Ducks Game Two.

A Past Phone Interview With John Tortorella

Jer takes you back in time and unveils a call he made to John Tortorella in 2012. Canucks @ Ducks.

Kings Gameday: Gurl

R&B and hockey go great together!

NHL Humor Guestpost!

The dude who runs @TheNHLHumor takes over Battle of California in order to set the record straight.

This Magic Moment

Gorillas. Dwight King. Drunks. The best of L.A. comes out for a meet and greet

Come to California

Ryan Miller, like all right-thinking people, wants to spend all his time in California.

27 Slides of the Same Boring Photo of Phil Kessel

I don't know why you would want to see the same photo 27 times, but there you go

Drunken Movie Review : The Mighty Ducks

Jer gets drunk and watches The Mighty Ducks in honor of tonight's throwback Senators @ Ducks game.

Ducks Gameday: Land of the Blinds

Jer deals with some spam before tonight's New York Rangers @ Anaheim Ducks game.

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D2: Mighty Ducks Rollerblading Sequence Analyzed

Analyzing the the D2: The Mighty Ducks Rollerblading Sequence

How the SJ Sharks spent their summer vacations

What sorts of shenanigans did the Sharks get up to during the long, hot off-season?

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HOW-TO HATE: The Dallas Stars

Megalodon from Battle of California warns us about the Dallas Stars...because you probably already hate everything else about Texas.

Left Wing Mystery Date

Who will win a spot on Richards' and Carter's line and, more importantly, a spot in their hearts?

Offseason BoC Site Analytics

Here's some advanced stats or whatever about the idiots visiting our site

The Sharknado Analysis

A careful, calculated look at the new West Western division and "Sharknado"

The 2013 NHL Fashion Awards!

Who was in, and who was out

A Day in the Life of Marc-Andre Fleury

What does Fleury do all day during the off-season?


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