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Hall of Fame

The best posts from the best blog on the internet.

Stars and Hurricanes Set to Release New Uniforms

Here's what they should (but won't) look like.

Torresing Through Time

A history of Raffi Torres

Los Angeles is a miserable shithole

I have some things I'd like to say about the City of Angels.

San Jose is a Septic Tank of Assholes & Douchebags

Glorious San Jose

Las Aventuras de Alec

A coming of age tale that is sure to bring you to tears, laugh with joy, and wonder why you read this

The Canucks Guestbook

What do YOU want to say to the Vancouver Canucks?

Classless Moment in Game One with Perry, Howard

Can you believe this? Jimmy Howard should be suspended.

5 Embarrassing Facts about George Vancouver

George Vancouver, namesake of the city of Vancouver, was as almost as bad and embarrassing as the Canucks.

Sharks Gameday: The Stars Go Out

After fourteen seasons in the Pacific, the Dallas Stars are finally going back where they belong: Hell.

Lots of Crying

L.A. gets an outdoor game and everybody else gets whiny

Ducks Gameday: A Brief Interview with Mike Babcock

Battle of California is treated to an interview session with the many faces of Mike Babcock

The Rise and Fall of the San Jose Sharks

Tracing the history of the Sharks through parallels with Ancient Rome.

Kings Gameday: All backed up

A metaphorical tale about the Dallas Stars

Sharks Gameday: Mississippi Hot Pocket

Dispatches from the hideous intersection of hockey and dipping tobacco culture.

Potty Mouths: SB Nation Blog Profanity Rankings

Which of the SB Nation hockey blogs are most in need of having their mouths washed out with soap?

SONA 2013

Making NHL predictions based on the number of sex offenders living near team arenas.

The Nationalized Hockey League

Why the U.S. government should take over the NHL


Rudy died you guys. It is very sad.


So You Just Bought an NHL Team

So You Just Bought an NHL Team

You Be the NHLPA Executive Director

An interactive, choose-your-own-adventure Battle of California exclusive!

(Guest) Cartoon Explosion - The Legend of the Seal

Sal Barry of Puck Junk was so inspired by an old post of mine that he penned a prequel. The Legend of the Seal -- some hockey history with a lot of cartoons!

Frank Parlato hates babies

The publisher of Lenny Palumbo's newspaper offers up some "thoughts" on the homophobia controversy. I respond.

Lenny Palumbo is a Piece of Garbage

I've said it before and I'll say it again: "You Can Play" needs to start ACTUALLY fighting homophobia. Like with fists and stuff.

Why I Love Hockey

Is New Jersey Better Than Los Angeles?

Responding to things New Jersey fans think make New Jersey better than Los Angeles.

Kings Gameday: "NHL on NBC" Visits A Fruit Stand

Doc, Eddie & Pierre go buy some fruit.

Sharks Gameday: Justify My Hate

Totally truthful reasons to hate every player on the St. Louis Blues

Kings Gameday: Keys

Sharks Gameday: Staccuracy

The number of sex offenders that live near a team's arena turns out to be an excellent predictor of team performance.

Sharks Gameday: We Need to Talk about Texas

I try very very hard to find some nice things to say about the Dallas Stars and the state of Texas.

Kings Gameday: Seriously, Check Out Those Shorts

Daniel Winnik is a pretty cool bro.