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Hall of Fame

The best posts from the best blog on the internet.

Wikipeg - Five Awful Things about Winnipeg I Learned from Wikipedia

I did some research about Winnipeg. It turns out it's the saddest city in the world.

Sharks Gameday: Introducing the SONA Index

My new advanced statistic ranks teams by the number of sex offenders that live or work near their home arena.

Ducks Lossday -- Let's talk about "Fire Carlyle"

In the opening 8 minutes of periods, the Anaheim Ducks have scored 16 goals and allowed 40. Fire Carlyle.

Brent Burns: Mr. Fancy Pants

An exhaustive break down of an image of Brent Burns and his magical inflatable pants.

So long, peasants!

Fake Dan Ellis is leaving Twitter in order to spend more time with the things he really treasures: his treasures.

Sleek's Movie Endorsement -- Score: A Hockey Musical

It's not a film for everyone, but I still recommend Score: A Hockey Musical.

BoC at the Movies: Den Brother

In our continuing effort to watch bad movies that feature some hockey, we sat through "Den Brother."

Star Wars Gameday -- Episode VI: Return of the Playoffs

Can Cam Puckmover rescue Getz Solo from the evil clutches of Pekka the Hutt?

Ducks Gameday -- Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The continued saga of Cam Puckmover vs. Darth Pronger.

Ducks Gameday -- Episode IV: A New Hope

Sleek employs lots of cartoons and plenty of plagiarism for tonight's season opener in Detroit.

BoC At The Movies: MVP (Most Valuable Primate)


The Gang Accuses Lou of Circumvention

An Always Sunny look at Ilya Kovalchuk's contract situation.

BoC at the Movies: The Love Guru

Two hockey bloggers wisecrack their way through "The Love Guru."

The BoC Quest for the Cup, Chapter 3: The Untouchable Trophy

Another installment in the bedtime story about California's quest for the Cup. Today's chapter focuses on the conference finals, a round that only recently has regularly featured BoC teams.

The BoC Quest for the Cup, Chapter 2: The Meddling Octopus

A childrens book version of BoC teams vs. the Detroit Red Wings. Tonight will be the eleventh time Detroit faces a California team in the postseason, but the first time the series will start on the west coast.

Cartoon Explosion: The BoC Quest for the Cup

A cartoon-filled mythological story about the Los Angeles Kings, the San Jose Sharks, and the Anaheim Ducks as they all attempt to win a Stanley Cup.