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Patrick Marleau Facts

Yet more Patrick Marleau facts

Let's celebrate Patrick Marleau's milestone with a fresh helping of Patrick Marleau facts.

Patrick Marleau's Las Vegas Itinerary

Patrick Marleau made a trip to Las Vegas this week for the NHL Awards and my friend who valets cars at the Wynn hotel found his travel itinerary on the ground. You won't see this anywhere else, folks!

How Patrick Marleau will spend the Olympic break

It looks like Marleau won't be on Canada's Olympic team. So what will he do instead?

Patrick Marleau Facts: Lockout Edition

Countering Roenick's slander with some facts about our favorite eyebrow-delivery-system: Patrick Marleau.

BoC Gameday: Facts About Patrick Marleau

Patrick Marleau facts!

More... Patrick Marleau Facts!!!

Another set of facts regarding Patrick Marleau, world's most awkward person.

Patrick Marleau Facts

Some interesting facts from the awkward life of Patrick Marleau.